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Ashley Storm creampie : pornstar

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Name: Ashley Storm   Age: 22   From: Miami, Florida

The Story: Ashley is an aspiring modeling who was referred to us by one of our members in Florida. Even though he knows what we do, he only told her that he knew some people in Los Angeles that could help her with nude modeling. I guess he wanted to see her get creampied and he knew that if he could just get her interested in nude modeling, we would handle the rest. He gave her our email and told her to contact us if she ever made a trip out here. When Ashley had gathered enough contacts to make a trip worth while, she contacted us and set up an appointment for a nude photo shoot.

Since Tony knew she only was interested in nude modeling, he knew he would have to not try anything until he was sure she was comfortable and receptive. He told me that he never got that feeling during the photo shoot and was certain that nothing was going to happen. After Ashley was dressed and sitting on Tony's bed waiting for the cab to arrive, Tony grabbed the video camera and decided to give it a try. He had her strip quickly and managed to get her comfortable to let him touch her; he then managed to convince her to let him taste her sweetness.

That's all that it took to get Ashley warmed up and into the idea of having sex. When it came time for Tony to penetrate her, he told her that since this encountered wasn't planned, he didn't have any condoms. Ashley gave it a seconds thought and then shrugged her shoulder and decided to go all the way anyways. Ashley and Tony enjoyed some wholesome, natural sex for about 30 minutes before Tony realized that the cab would arrive any minute. At that point, not wanting to miss the opportunity, Tony pumped his cum into Ashley's waiting pussy. As Ashley was enjoying Tony's sperm ooze out of her, the cab arrived; Ashley didn't have time to clean up and got dressed quickly. She must have been oozing cum the whole cab ride back to her hotel.
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